Darden Stands Mast And Sails Above The Competition

There are only a small number of companies who hold Marine Technician Certifications in any area – and Darden holds both on staff electrical designs and electrical systems. We also hold Yanmar diesel engine certifications and sail drives.

With over 25 years of experience in the marine service industry, we know exactly how your vessel’s systems should be working, and what they look like when they are producing optimal performance.

Meet the Team

Darden Mobile Marine solutions was established in 2019 as a full service mobile mechanic operation covering a large scale of expertise. Darden marine is a dealer for many systems to include Seakeeper and Dometic Optimus. Darden Marine has advanced experience in troubleshooting mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as general engine, generator, and outboard services. Darden Marine can help you maintain and improve a wide array of systems on any vessel. They are a team of experience mechanics who are dedicated to providing exceptional service, attentiveness, and unparalleled care to all of their clients!

John Myles | Chief of Operations

Taylor Aguiar | Lead Technician

Kara Hoover | Business Administrator

We Don’t Just Work In The Marine World – We Live In It

For over 25 years, the founder of our company Darden Marine has been turning wrenches in bilges and fixing electrical, mechanical, plumbing and propulsion systems. 

Whether you own a trawler, a center console, or a super yacht – we have the expertise and the passion to deliver comprehensive services, inspections, and installations that are of the highest standards and quality in the industry.

The boat that you will enjoy the most is the one that runs most smoothly. We know the inner workings behind the optimal operation of any vessel and will ensure meticulous care is taken to every detail.

That way, you can get back to navigating!